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"I'm living so far beyond my
income that we may almost
be said to be living apart."

e.e. cummings
Detox for Plastic Junkies

Most of us find credit very tempting. After all, who doesn’t want to get all the goodies right now and worry about paying them off on some distant tomorrow? Why wouldn’t you want to live as well as you possibly can right now? And for those of us who find it hard just to make ends meet, credit is a welcome friend that says we can still replace the broken dishwasher even though we’re dead broke.

Unfortunately, credit is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It looks warm, fuzzy, inviting, and helpful, but the fact is, credit is just a debt.

And the problem that so many of us face is that once we realize it’s a debt, we just reach out for more credit to fix the problem.

You may be addicted to credit.

·    Have you ever gotten a new credit card because your old ones were maxed out?

·     Have you ever written one of those checks that credit cards companies sent you to pay off another credit card so that you could go out and charge more?

·    Have you ever had to borrow (or write one of those credit card checks) to make the minimum payment on one of your credit cards?

 ·   Do you have more than six credit cards?

·     Do you sometimes need to split up purchases and put them on several credit cards to avoid exceeding your maximums?

Credit is like candy. A little bit is fun, a lot can make you sick, and too much will kill you (but slowly and painfully). The trouble is, most people with manageable debt problems unwisely use credit to fix those problems and end up in serious trouble.

So what do you do? If you are addicted to credit, you need to stop loan offers from coming in to you.  You need to stop companies from trying to tempt you with yet another credit or some new loan program.

Go to this website:


The website allows you to register yourself so companies cannot make you loan offers in the future. This means that credit card companies won’t try to seduce you with another card and debt relief companies won’t be able to lure you with a promise of a new loan to pay off your old loans.

For people addicted to credit, this is the first step to getting help. Many of us got into financial trouble because those offers of more cards and more credit were just too easy. You are probably getting offers like that almost every day, and some of them look appealing.

Make it stop. Register right now.

But what if you might actually want a loan in the future? After all, the future is a long time. You might need a loan sometime again in your life. Besides that, you’re in debt right now and you may need to borrow a little to get yourself over a rough patch.

This opt-out program does not prevent you from getting credit or loans! You can still do that. The only difference is that you have to initiate the process. You can call up or go online to credit card companies or other financial institutions and ask for money. But you’re taking that first step.

Strangers and companies you've never dealt with are no longer allowed to just send you spectacular, irresistible offers.

For some people, doing this one simple step will help save them from digging themselves in any deeper. It does not cost anything and it won’t prevent you from actually getting another loan or card. It only prevents those temptations from coming to you when you may not be able to resist them!

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